Jethro Tull: ...And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps | Song-Factsheet


Song «...And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps» von Jethro Tull.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1978 04 21 (Album)
Label: Chrysalis CHR 1175
Songwriter Ian Anderson
Produktion: Ian Anderson
Genre: Rock - Progrock


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Personen und Querverweise

Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson


Muscled, black with steel-green eye Swishing through the rye grass With thoughts of mouse-and-apple pie Tail balancing at half-mast ...And the mouse police never sleeps Lying in the cherry tree Savage bed foot-warmer of purest feline ancestry Look out, little furry folk! He's the all-night working cat Eats but one in every ten Leaves the others on the mat ...And the mouse police never sleeps Waiting by the cellar door Window-box town crier; Birth and death registrar With claws that rake a furrow red Licensed to mutilate From warm milk on a lazy day To dawn patrol on hungry hate ...No, the mouse police never sleeps Climbing on the ivy Windy roof-top weathercock Warm-blooded night on a cold tile