Eyes: My Degeneration | Song-Factsheet


Song «My Degeneration» von Eyes.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1966 01 (Single)
Label: Mercury MF 897
Songwriter Terry Nolder
Genre: Rock - Psychedelicrock - Freakbeat


Flipside von When The Night Falls.

Personen und Querverweise

Terry Nolder


Each time I ask you you tell me no That's my degeneration Each night you say you won't come in my flat It's getting with The only thing I'm offering you Is a cup of coffee or two Your world is with nearly there That's my degeneration When I put the key in the lock yeah I need cooperation Why do you run when I open the door? You've never had my coffee before You will never come along That's my degeneration () Do you think that I'm wrong? But try a friendly persuasion () Said the only thing I'm offering you Yeah is a cup of coffee or two One lump Two lumps Three lumps Oh they? Oh my coffee tonight Will be hot and strong But if you turn Take a long Is there something about me Makes you want to join the tea? Yeah My My de- My De- degeneration My my De- My de- -Generation Oh My My de- De- Degeneration Yeah My de- de- Degener- Ation Yeah No My De- Degeneration