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Weaves & Tanya Tagaq (feat.): Scream | Song-Factsheet


Song «Scream» von Weaves & Tanya Tagaq (feat.).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2017 09 19 (Digital), 2017 10 06 (Album)
Label: Kanine Records KR 185
Songwriter Jasmyn Burke & Tanya Tagaq & Morgan Waters
Genre: Post-Millennial-Music - Lo-Fi-Underground - Artpunk


Zwei charismatische Frauen schreien sich die Ungerechtigkeit der Welt aus dem Leib. Frontsängerin Jasmyn Burke der Weaves und Tanya Tagaq, die kanadische Kehlkopfsängerin. Der bemerkenswerte Track ist auf dem neusten Weaves Album Open Spaces zu finden. Er ist schiere Energie, ein Exorzismus in Musik.

Personen und Querverweise

Weaves & Tanya Tagaq (feat.)
Jasmyn Burke
Tanya Tagaq
Morgan Waters


We are living in a time when misery is just common circumstance I am frozen I'm sublime I am searching for some fresh watermelons My thighs are too big my head isn't small my brain is on fire I'm feeling this fall Scream your name So get up on the table and scream your name I am sick to my stomach almost everyday I'm singing to the choir cause my body can pro-create We're obsessed with prosperity yet we don't have no homes I'm a child of commercials and body language and floating drones I am excited yet I am scared by the prospect of damaging change I look my elders I look to women and others who feel our common pain, our common strain Scream your name So get up on the table and scream your name