Vernon Dalhart & Criterion Trio: Tuck Me To Sleep (In My Old 'Tucky Home) | Song-Factsheet


Song «Tuck Me To Sleep (In My Old 'Tucky Home)» von Vernon Dalhart & Criterion Trio.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1921 11 (Single)
Label: Victor 18807
Songwriter Sam Lewis & George W. Meyer & Joe Young
Genre: Traditionalpop - Vocalpop


Vernon Dalhart hiess bürgerlich Marion Try Slaughter und kam aus Jefferson, Texas. Er Sang Americana mit einer Tenorstimme.

Personen und Querverweise

Vernon Dalhart
Criterion Trio
Sam Lewis
George W. Meyer
Joe Young


Old Kentucky cradled me when I was born Old Kentucky how I miss your field of corn, nighttime when I get to bed how I weep and toss my head, I'll weep no more I'm going back instead. Old Kentucky smile up on alone some shack dear old 'Tucky keep it bright till I get back make the shadows stay away from my mammy old and gray she'd weep no more if she could hear me say. Tuck me to sleep in my old 'Tucky home cover me with Dixie skies and leave me there alone just let the sun kiss my cheeks every morn like the kissin' I've been missin' from my mammy since I'm gone. I ain't had a bit of rest, since I left my mammy's nest, I can always rest the best in her loving arms tuck me to sleep in my old Tucky home let me lay there, stay there never no more to roam.