Van Der Graaf Generator: Wondering | Song-Factsheet


Song «Wondering» von Van Der Graaf Generator.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1976 10 (Album), 1976 10 (Single)
Label: Charisma CAS 1120, Charisma CB 297
Songwriter Hugh Banton & Peter Hammill
Produktion: Van der Graaf Generator
Genre: Rock - Progrock


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Personen und Querverweise

Van Der Graaf Generator
Hugh Banton
Peter Hammill
Van der Graaf Generator


I will arise: In the depths, I will open my eyes; As my breath almost fails me, survive Wait - there's something unclear There's something I fear now drawing close Could it be you? Whose is that voice? Is it now time to make a choice? Ah - that irrational pain! This ridiculous brain now bursts with joy Could it be me? Could it be now? Should I begin to take my vows? I will return: As I live, as I breathe, as I burn I swear I will come through With my hands stretching out in the dark With my eye pressed up tight to the glass Wondering if it's all been true