Uncle Dave Macon: Hill Billie Blues | Song-Factsheet


Song «Hill Billie Blues» von Uncle Dave Macon.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1924 12 (Single B)
Label: Vocalion 14904
Genre: Americana - Country - Countryfolk


Diese frühe Country-Aufnahme gab dem Country-Genre seinen Namen «Hillbillie».

Personen und Querverweise

Uncle Dave Macon


[Verse] I am Billie and I live in the hills, I can whistle and sing like a Whippoorwill, Come across the mountain, just down in the holler, To see my little Dony, just as sweet as she can waller. [Chorus] Oh, tell me how long, must I wait? Lord, I get you now, or Lord I hesitate. [Verse] Hello sig, what's the matter with the line, I can't talk to that girl of mine, Storm last night blew all the poles down, I can't talk to my Saro Brown. [Chorus] [Verse] As long as a-bacon is thirty cents a pound, I'm going to eat a rabbit if I have to run him down, Ice cream cone, T-bone steak, You want to win a women get a Cadillac eight. [Chorus] [Verse] I been in the city and I been in the town, I been in the mountains with the blues falling down, Jumped in the river and I thought I would drown, I spied a red-headed woman and I couldn't go down. [Chorus] [Verse] Whiskey, whiskey, I'm going to let you be, The bone dry law made a Christian out of me, Going to Oklahoma to marry me a squaw, I'll have a big chief for a daddy-in-law. [Chorus] [Verse] Got water in the ocean, there's water in the sea, Since I'm bone dry, its been water for me, Been on the Southern, the Seaboard too, It takes a Henry Ford for to shake me and you. [Chorus] [Verse] Oh, me and my partner, we both went to bed, The jug of white lightning right under my head, When I woke up the stopper was pulled, My jug it was empty, but my partner was full.