Ultramagnetic MC's: Travelling At The Speed Of Thought | Song-Factsheet


Song «Travelling At The Speed Of Thought» von Ultramagnetic MC's.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1987 (Single), 1988 10 04 (Album)
Label: Next Plateau NP 50058, Next Plateau NP 5496
Songwriter C. Miller & Keith Thornton
Produktion: Ced Gee & Ultramagnetic MC's
Genre: Hip-Hop - Goldenage - Boombap


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Personen und Querverweise

Ultramagnetic MC's
C. Miller
Keith Thornton
Ced Gee
Ultramagnetic MC's


[Verse 1: Kool Keith] I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 As I take your mind off And on to a new track To tame dogs how to act Respect me, when I whip your brain Skip your brain and dip your brain In the lotion while I deck ya skull I'm like a bird when I'm pecking ya skull Til it hurts and swell, puffs, bleed, blood Hatches down, covering knots for eye jammy I'm taking ya brain from the back I'ma pull out ya ears 'cause I'm sick Traveling hard, ill off, another lunatic Smacking germs, eating bugs, biting mouse Roaches wonder why I'm traveling On to Bellevue 'cause I'm sick Traveling hard at the speed of thought [Verse 2: Ced-Gee] Well, I'm back to seek and freak a new remix Wit the sounds of light and I can't miss Rocking the beats will cause hard time Wit the way I say and I freak rhymes Ruff and hardcore, I wanna encore I'm Ced-Gee, I'm in an uproar Taking breaks, snatching, giving X-rays Read ya cells or should I say Hey, it's nothing, I'm simply rushing Into ya skull and merely crushing Cells, leaving you blind The more you look, the more you will find Me, traveling at the speed of thought [Verse 3: Kool Keith] You want your brain back React, turn back Switch back, turn back the time back Run back, return your brain back then you stop Think about it again from the galaxy Planet 1-6 Ultra Mega-tip, plus the gamma-tip power-tip To make your brain fit through the atmosphere Deep in outer space with the helmet I'm looking for the elements I'm not out to ill and on the ill tip I like to party hard and on the real tip I'm just travelling at the speed of thought [Verse 4: Ced-Gee] Once again, it's me to tell you this The things we say are bugged on the ill tip Reaching your brain from our planet I'm Ced-Gee from Ultra and it's Time to hit ya, as well as give ya A different picture, so we can get your attention 9th dimension (?) your total focus Designed and isolated because I wrote this Song to bring us a lot closer In peace and unity, because of Ultramagnetic Leading the way I like to dream that maybe one day We could all travel at the speed of thought