Thundercat: Friend Zone | Song-Factsheet


Song «Friend Zone» von Thundercat.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2017 02 14 (Digital), 2017 02 24 (Album)
Label: Brainfeeder (Soundcloud), Brainfeeder BF 064
Songwriter Stephen Bruner & Charles Dickerson
Produktion: MonoPoly [Charles E. Dickerson]
Genre: Post-Millennial-Music - Trap - Funky


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Personen und Querverweise

Stephen Bruner
Charles Dickerson
MonoPoly [Charles E. Dickerson]


[Verse 1] I'm your biggest fan, but I guess that's just not good enough Is it cause I wear my hair in or because I like to play Diablo Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking 'bout Cause I really don't wanna have to spell it out And next time you call me I'm gon' sit and stare at the screen Waiting for the call to end [Chorus] You stuck me in the friendzone That's that bullshit I'm gonna play Diablo either way You can go or you can go [Verse 2] Because I'd rather play Mortal Kombat anyway, hey I want a love like Johnny Cage If you're not bringing bottles I suggest you start to walk away Bitch don't kill my vibe I can tell you've kinda got uncomfortable So let me break it down for you Don't call me, don't text me, after 2am Unless you plan on giving me some Cause I got enough friends [Chorus] I will throw you in the garbage 'Cause you play too many games I'm better off by myself Loving you's bad for my health [Outro] No one wants to be in the Friendzone Friendzone Friendzone