The Knife: Silent Shout | Song-Factsheet


Song «Silent Shout» von The Knife.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2006 01 16 (Single), 2006 03 20 (Album)
Label: Rabid RABID 029, Rabid RABID 030
Songwriter Karin Dreijer & Olof Dreijer
Produktion: The Knife
Genre: Post-Millennial-Music - Digital-Underground - Elektro


Dieser Track wurde eine Nummer 8 der UK Dance Charts, eine Nummer 25 der UK Indie Charts und eine Nummer 12 der Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Charts.

Personen und Querverweise

The Knife
Karin Dreijer
Olof Dreijer
The Knife


Never knew this could happen to me I know now fragility I know there's people who I haven't told I know of people who are getting old Wish I could speak in just one sweep What you are and what you mean to me Instead I mumble randomly You stand by and enlighten me In a dream I lost my teeth again Calling me woman and half man Yes in a dream all my teeth fell out A cracked smile and a silent shout A cracked smile and a silent shout If I explain it once thoroughly He'll have you later 'cause it's never free You were at the gigantic spree I caught a glimpse now it haunts me I caught a glimpse now it haunts me