Takers: If You Don't Come Back | Song-Factsheet


Song «If You Don't Come Back» von Takers.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1964 09 (Single)
Label: Pye 7N 15690
Songwriter Leiber-Stoller
Genre: Rock'n'Roll - Beat - Merseybeat


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A noise woke me up this morning I looked through the Venetian blind You were gone, and the car was gone And I almost lost my mind [Chorus] If you don't come back (if you don't come back) If you don't come back today (if you don't come back) Well, you can call up the people in the crazy house To take this crazy man away I threw myself against the wall now I ripped up my clothes and I sobbed I ran into the street, in my stocking feet Yelling "Police! I've been robbed" [Chorus] Mrs A is talking about me To the people way across the street She says "I cooked that boy a bucket of soup But the poor thing doesn't eat" [Chorus] The doctor come up to see me To check me with a fine-tooth comb He said "You ain't sick, but you're gonna die If you don't get your baby back home" [Chorus x2]