Scars: Horrorshow | Song-Factsheet


Song «Horrorshow» von Scars.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1979 03 13 (Single-B)
Label: Fast Product FAST 08
Songwriter Robert King & Calumn Mackay & John Mackie & Paul Mackie
Genre: Postpunk


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Personen und Querverweise

Robert King
Calumn Mackay
John Mackie
Paul Mackie


Tolchocked a baboochka Just a mite too horrorshow Malenky in the rot 'Waah!' her litso yelled Millicents they caught me Screaming eyes with pain Droogs betrayed old Alex Will pay them back some day Death sentence This is the end Baboochka died that very night Got 14 years in zoo-time Screeched it wasn't Alex's fault Blamed the absent droogs no less Kicked and clanged in Staja 84F Grazny hell-hole, human zoo Georgie-boy is dead, they said Found outside the biblio Death sentence This is the end of a dream You scum! Made friends with the zoo-time Charles Told tales and truths on fellow plennies Hope to get remission please Fooled the governor, horrorshow Me glazzies! Me glazzies! Can't stand the violence Take away the films, take away the Beethoven Makes me sick, makes me wretch and vomit They're using Ludovico's technique 'Alex my boy, just step this way Down the corridor, third on the left We're gonna show you some films, OK?' 'OK droogs, let's go'