Sarah Jarosz: Over The Edge | Song-Factsheet


Song «Over The Edge» von Sarah Jarosz.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2013 08 20 (Single), 2013 09 24 (Album)
Label: Sugar Hill Records SUG 4093
Songwriter Jedd Hughes & Sarah Jarosz
Produktion: Sarah Jarosz & Gary Paczosa
Genre: Country - Bluegrass - Newgrass


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Personen und Querverweise

Sarah Jarosz
Jedd Hughes
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
Gary Paczosa


Flip the switch and turn the night on Drop the needle on an old song Break the ice and pour it my way Turn the key and light the highway Lay me down beneath the shadows Meet me where the wild things grow Kick the moon and watch it shatter I don’t mind if it don’t matter [Chorus:] Hanging out Hanging out over the edge Endless lines of information Change the words & change the station Endless cries of complication Is anybody even listening? [Chorus]