Robyn: Call Your Girlfriend | Song-Factsheet


Song «Call Your Girlfriend» von Robyn.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2010 11 22 (Album), 2011 04 01 (Single)
Label: Konichiwa KOR 030, Konichiwa
Songwriter Klas Åhlund & Alexander Kronlund & Robyn
Produktion: Klas Åhlund & Billboard
Genre: Post-Millennial-Music - Electropop - EDM, Post-Millennial-Music - Electropop - Synthpop


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Personen und Querverweise

Klas Åhlund
Alexander Kronlund
Klas Åhlund


[Chorus] Call your girlfriend It's time you had the talk Give your reasons Say it's not her fault But you just met somebody new [Verse 1] Tell her not to get upset Second-guessing everything you said and done And then when she gets upset Tell her how you never mean to hurt no one [Pre-Chorus] Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend Is when she learns to love again And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend And then you let her down easy [Chorus] [Verse 2] Don't you tell her how I give you something That you never even knew you missed Don't you even try and explain How it's so different when we kiss [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] And now it's gonna be me and you... [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]