Ray Noble And His Orchestra & Buddy Clark: Linda | Song-Factsheet


Song «Linda» von Ray Noble And His Orchestra & Buddy Clark.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1947 01 (Single)
Label: Columbia 37215
Songwriter Jack Lawrence
Genre: Traditionalpop - Orchestralpop - Vocalist, Traditionalpop - Orchestralpop - British-Traditionalpop


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Personen und Querverweise

Ray Noble And His Orchestra
Buddy Clark
Jack Lawrence


"Hello, cutie. What’s your name?" "Fresh! I don’t talk to strangers." "Oh, I’m no stranger. Been waitin’ every evening for you to walk by "Keep waitin’. I’m still walkin’" Oh, what’s your name? "None of your business" Pretty name, but I'll just call you “Linda” "Well, how did you guess?" When I go to sleep I never count sheep I count all the charms about Linda And lately it seems In all of my dreams I walk with my arms about Linda But what good does it do me? For Linda doesn't know that I exist Can't help feeling gloomy Think of all the lovin' I have missed We pass on the street My heart skips a beat I say to myself, "Hello, Linda" If only she'd smile I'd stop her a while And then I would gеt to know Linda But miracles still happen And when my lucky star bеgins to shine With one lucky break I'll make Linda mine "Well, this is where I live." "Well, could I see you again sometime." "Maybe." "How about Saturday night?" "Well." "Shall I pick you up at eight?" "Okay." "Oh, boy. That’s a date." "Bye now." So miracles still happen And now my lucky stars begin to shine With one lucky break I'll make Linda mine