Peter Gabriel: Intruder | Song-Factsheet


Song «Intruder» von Peter Gabriel.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1980 06 (Album)
Label: Charisma CDS 4019
Songwriter Peter Gabriel
Produktion: Steve Lillywhite
Genre: Newpop - Artpop - Singer-Songwriter


Hier hörte man zum ersten Mal den Gated Reverb Sound. Das klang wie nichts anderes auf der Welt und prägte den «Sounbd of the 80s».

Personen und Querverweise

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Steve Lillywhite


[Verse 1] I know something about Opening windows and doors I know how to move quietly To creep across creaky wooden floors I know where to find precious things In all your cupboards and drawers [Chorus 1] Slipping the clippers Slipping the clippers through the telephone wires A sense of isolation Inspires, inspires me [Interlude] [Verse 2] I like to feel the suspense When I'm certain you know I am there I like you lying awake Your bated breath charging the air I like the touch and the smell Of all the pretty dresses you wear [Chorus 2] Intruder's happy in the dark Intruder come Intruder come and he leave his mark Leave his mark, leave his mark [Interlude] [Outro] I am the intruder