Peter Blegvad: A Real Slap in The Face | Song-Factsheet


Song «A Real Slap in The Face» von Peter Blegvad.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1990 (Album)
Label: Silvertone ZD 74731
Songwriter Peter Blegvad
Produktion: Peter Blegvad
Genre: Alternativerock - Poprock


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Personen und Querverweise

Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad


He lived with her for seven years Told everyone how real his feeling were Then one day he just up and disappears How could he play such a trick on her? It was a real slap in the face He knew she was so afraid of scandal He could count on her not to tell That he hadn't only left her high and dry And big with child He'd taken all her jewelry as well It was a real slap in the face She listened to his lies as she lay in his embrace He could only love a woman in the heat of the chase It was a real slap in the face They found her in pyjamas, wandering the streets Lost like a rat in a maze She gave birth in a cell, on a bunk with no sheets To a daughter they told her she wasn't fit to raise It was a real slap in the face And hers is not an isolated case When it's least expected, anytime, anyplace Someone's bound to get a real slap in the face Until you're spoken to, don't speak Turn the other cheek When you're slapped in the face and it hurts And if you can't find what you seek Remember the meek Will inherit the earth The swindler hit on someone else and Soon they'd settled down She was lonely rich and gullible, a fool One morning she came out onto her patio and found The honey-tongued deceiver at the bottom of her pool It was a real slap in the face This story doesn't have a happy ending I've said all I'm gonna say The characters are begging "Don't abandon us like this! What did we ever do to you to be treated this way? It's a real slap in the face."