Passions: Just to Be With You | Song-Factsheet


Song «Just to Be With You» von Passions.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1959 07 (Single)
Label: Audicon 45-102
Songwriter Marvin Kalfin
Genre: Afroamericana - Rhythm'n'Blues - Doo-Wop


Für die Demoaufnahme des Songs von Marvin Kalfin sangen Carole King und Paul Simon als «The Cosines».
– zur Demoaufnahme von den Cosines

Personen und Querverweise

Marvin Kalfin


Just to be with you Just to be with you There is nothing I wouldn't do Just to be with you I'd climb a mountain or sail the seas I'd go a thousand miles upon my knees I'd find a rainbow and take it from the sky I'll be a slave till the day I die Chorus: I'll build a castle,like those of old And I would fill it with wealth untold I'd find the lion,compose a symphony I'll count the stars in the galaxy