My Bloody Valentine: Feed Me With Your Kiss | Song-Factsheet


Song «Feed Me With Your Kiss» von My Bloody Valentine.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1988 10 (Single), 1988 11 21 (Album)
Label: Creation CRE 061, Creation CRELP 040
Songwriter Kevin Shields
Produktion: My Bloody Valentine
Genre: Indiepop - Noisepop - Shoegaze


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Personen und Querverweise

My Bloody Valentine
Kevin Shields
My Bloody Valentine


Yeah, (can you get) what you see But you can't have what you can't Hey, what's come down over me It's the way you stood, it's the way you stood 'Cause things the way they are I guess you might go real far So feed me with your kiss Oh, come lie down close to me Do what you dare, oh I don't care I will get what I can see I'll crawl over there, I'll crawl over there (Spread me like a) (appeal to you) I do what I do I do what I will do Crave, your kiss will set you free I'll do what I should, I'll do what I should