Michael Murphey: Wildfire | Song-Factsheet


Song «Wildfire» von Michael Murphey.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1975 01 (Album), 1975 02 (Single)
Label: Epic KE 33290, Epic 8-50084
Songwriter Larry Cansler & Michael Murphey
Produktion: Bob Johnston
Genre: Pop - Softrock, Country - Countrypop


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Personen und Querverweise

Michael Murphey
Larry Cansler
Michael Murphey
Bob Johnston


[Intro] [Verse 1] She comes down from Yellow Mountain On a dark, flat land she rides On a pony she named Wildfire With a whirlwind by her side On a cold Nebraska night [Interlude] [Verse 2] Oh, they say she died one winter When there came a killing frost And the pony she named Wildfire Busted down his stall In a blizzard, she was lost [Chorus] She ran calling Wildfire Calling Wildfire Calling Wildfire [Verse 3] So by the dark of the moon, I planted But there came an early snow Been a hoot-owl howling outside my window now 'Bout six nights in a row She's coming for me, I know And on Wildfire we're both gonna go [Chorus] We'll be ridin' Wildfire Ridin' Wildfire Ridin' Wildfire On Wildfire we're gonna ride Gonna leave sodbustin' behind Get the hard times right on out of our minds Riding Wildfire {Outro}