Marty Wilde: Danny | Song-Factsheet


Song «Danny» von Marty Wilde.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1959 05 (Single)
Label: Philips 45-PB.926
Songwriter Ben Weisman & Fred Wise
Genre: Rock'n'Roll - Mainstream - British-Rock'n'Roll


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Personen und Querverweise

Marty Wilde
Ben Weisman
Fred Wise


My name should be trouble My name should be woe For trouble and heartache Is all that I know But Danny, yes, Danny is my name My life has been empty My heart has been torn It must have been rainy, oh yes The night I was born Oh Danny, oh Danny is my name I'm so afraid of tomorrow So tired of today They say that love is the answer But love never came my way I'm writing a letter To someone unknown So if you should find it And if you're alone Oh Danny, yes, Danny is my name (Oh-oh-oh yes) Oh Danny, yes, Danny is my name Oh-oh-oh-oh