Lynn Anderson: You're My Man | Song-Factsheet


Song «You're My Man» von Lynn Anderson.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1971 04 (Single), 1971 (Album)
Label: Columbia 4-45356, Columbia KC 30793
Songwriter Glenn Sutton
Produktion: Glenn Sutton
Genre: Country - Countrypop - Countrypolitan


Nummer-1-Hit der Billboard Hot Country Singles und ein Crossover in die Hot 100 (Rang 63) bzw. in die Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks (Rang 6).

Personen und Querverweise

Lynn Anderson
Glenn Sutton
Glenn Sutton


For once in my life I know the meaning of happiness And what it means to have a dream come true Cause every day I wake up singing livin' on the sunshine love is bringing And it's wonderful knowin' that I owe it all to you At last I've got a reason to be a living I'm at the end of the rainbow and the gold is in my hands Your love is so sweet I can't refuse it heaven help me if I ever lose it Cause my whole world's just knowing you're my man I don't understand you but God knows I love you you're my man I feel so safe when I'm in your arms cause you're all man You're heaven on earth and so dependable Together we're a team that's just unbendable I want the whole wide world to know you're my man At last I've got a reason to be a living... Oh my whole world's just knowing you're my man my man my man