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Larry Wiliams: Bad Boy | Song-Factsheet


Song «Bad Boy» von Larry Wiliams.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1959 01 19 (Single)
Label: Specialty 658
Songwriter Larry Williams
Genre: Afroamericana - Rhythm'n'Blues


Diese Song muss noch annotiert werden.

Personen und Querverweise

Larry Wiliams
Larry Williams


A bad little kid Moved into my neighborhood (He's a bad boy.) He won't do nothin' right His report car' don't look so good (He's a bad boy.) He don't wanna go to school An' learn to read an' write (He's a bad boy.) He jes' a-sits aroun' the house An' plays that rock 'n' roll music all night (He's a bad boy.) He puts thumbtacks in his teacher's chair Put chew'n gum in a li'l girl's hair Now Junior, behave yourself! He buy every rock 'n' roll book On the magazine stan' (He's a bad boy.) Every dime that he get Whoo! He's off to the juke box, man (He's a bad boy.) He worries his a-teacher Till at night she's a-ready to poop (He's a bad boy.) A-rockin' 'n' a-rollin' Spinnin' in a hoola hoop This rock 'n' roll has gotta stop Junior's head is hard as rock Now Junior, behave yourself, ow! Whoo! Whoo! Gonna tell your mamma You'd better do what she said (Bad boy.) Go to the barber shop An' get that hair cut off your head (Bad boy.) He took your pet canary An' he fed it to the neighboor's cat (He's a bad boy.) He gave the cocker spaniel a bath In his mother's laundromat (He's a bad boy.) This minor mess has gotta stop Junior's head is hard as rock Now Junior, behave yourself