Kinks: Around The Dial | Song-Factsheet


Song «Around The Dial» von Kinks.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 08 15 (Album)
Label: Arista AL 9567
Songwriter Ray Davies
Produktion: Ray Davies
Genre: Rock - Poprock - Powerpop


Around the Dial drückt das Befremden eines Radiohörers darüber aus, dass sein Lieblings-DJ nicht länger «on air» ist. Die Kinks waren in den frühen 80er Jahren eine Band, die gemessen an Punk und New Wave gut gealtert ist. Ihr Powerpop war damals ein Orientierungspunkt für viele junge Bands.

Personen und Querverweise

Ray Davies
Ray Davies


Radios of the world are tuning in tonight Are you on the dial, are you tuned in right? One of our D.J.'s is missing Are you listening? Are you listening to me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me clearly? Around the dial I've been around the dial so many times But you're not there Somebody tells me that you've been taken off the air Well, you were my favorite D.J., Since I can't remember when You always played the best records You never followed any trend F.M., A.M. where are you? You gotta be out there somewhere on the dial On the dial (Are you ready) We're going 'round the dial (Are you listening) Around the dial (Are you tuned in) Around the dial (Are you searchin') Around the dial F.M., A.M. where are you? You gotta be out there somewhere on the dial On the dial Where did you go Mr. D.J.? Did they take you off the air? Was it something that you said to the corporation guys upstairs? It wasn't the pressure You never sounded down It couldn't be the ratings You had the best in town Somehow I'm gonna find ya, track you down Gonna keep on searchin' Around and around and 'round and 'round... (They're searchin') Around the dial (They're listenin') Around the dial (Poor station) The best in town (Poor D.J.) Who never let us down While the critics kept on knocking you You just kept on rocking around the dial Around the dial I've been searchin' for you on my radio This time your station really must have gone underground Somebody said you had a minor nervous breakdown Was it something that you heard Or something that you saw That made you lose your mind Did you lose control Did you step out of line? If you're there, give us a sign I can't believe that you've been taken off the air Think I'll sell my radio now that you're not there You never gave in to fashion You never followed any trends All the record bums tried to hack you up But you were honest to the end Gonna keep my radio on 'Till I know just what went wrong The answers out there somewhere on the dial On the dial Can you hear me (around the dial) Are you listenin' (around the dial) Are you out there (around the dial) Can you hear me? Around the dial