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Song «Table» von Kehlani & Little Simz (feat.).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2016 10 14 (Digital)
Label: Selbstrelease (Soundcloud)
Genre: Afroamericana - R'n'B-Renaissance


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Kehlani & Little Simz (feat.)


[Verse 1: Kehlani] I will say I'm a believer in letting people be people If you're humble or conceited, I'll still see you as equal I don't be taking the defensive to how the devil be working I know that god is my witness, fulfilling my purpose I've been a real down to Mars chick, at the bar chick I'll pick up your 3am call shit Love and basketball chick I move your car chick Late night trip to Target [Hook] I know what I bring, to the table, to the table I know what I bring, to the table, to the table [Verse 2: Kehlani] I know I'm not no messiah, and I am far from a prophet But if the earth set on fire, I think I know how to stop it I'm not afraid of opinion, I know the devil be working I just keep up with my focus and keep my nose in these verses I've been a real down to earth chick, never surface I pick a backpack over a purse chick Never at ya service, here for your worstest Ha, don't I sound perfect? [Hook] I know what I bring, to the table, to the table I know what I bring, to the table, to the table [Verse 3: Little Simz] I try my best to be lovin' and give my all when it's needed I make the most of my time, and try to learn all the teachers Don't take my kindness for weakness Steady dealing with madness So I pick up my chalise, 'cause what's life without balance? Too much shit on my mental, don't pretend like you get it You would call me a medic, if you knew where my head is down If you knew where this led-ed, all my vices are deaded If you know what I'm going through, why the fuck would you stress me? Take me back to the basics Understanding what's worth chasing 'Cause time is of the essence, get me out the matrix I pick my battles and win You can't relate where I've been I don't say much, 'cause I don't need much in this world full of sin Body and soul is detached, and my heart's got a patch You can't drive without looking and then expect not to crash But I know what gave me purpose I'll take my time 'til it's king And I'll take a seat at the table, because I know what I bring, know what I bring