JVC Force: Strong Island | Song-Factsheet


Song «Strong Island» von JVC Force.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1987 09 (Maxi), 1988 (Album)
Label: B-Boy BB 20-100, B-Boy BB 20-1000
Songwriter C. Small & Ali-Ollie Woodson
Produktion: JVC Force
Genre: Hip-Hop - Gangstarap - Eastcoast-Renaissance


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Personen und Querverweise

JVC Force
C. Small
Ali-Ollie Woodson
JVC Force


[Verse 1] Listen to the situation my son I'm as serious as cancer, all fun is done For the time, the beat will correspond with the rhymes The two is valid, the best you will find Living in C.I. who the hell am I AJ Rok the juice, I get fly Cool with the riffing guy, keep a handle Cause if you don't I'll wax you down like a candle B-Luv, I'm a top biller Part time iller, permanent chiller Son of Sam killer, the horror in the villa Unlike the rest the best I am a thriller Kill it or shoot it, bite it and distribute it But either way the two's unconstituted Styling and wilding, constantly smiling We'll keep trooping in a place called Strong Island [Verse 2] I have a rep to protect, epitomes I dissect I was born in Brookyn, New York, but now Long I's in effect (That's word to herb) It's about out East We got the talent, eating it up like a Sunday feast Hearing from the doctor go get the priest Cause as of now, emcees you're deceased Straight from the mic all trouble released You want a slice like a cake I'll dis you a piece I need a scratch, now my battery's banging Sorry for the pause didn't mean to leave you hanging I'm good to go so that you know my words flow I got the voice that's choice kicking in this demo Getting fully fully paid with my man Andrew Jackson My bank account and Ben Franklin just maxing So I sip Coors while my fifties I sort Once in a while I'll lounge about in the gear that I bought Taking daily shopping sprees with major credit cards Buying up with all disregard Money ain't the object cause I got it to fling My lower clock is world of Bally and the upper's chess king Step up on the platform kid if you're so irate We complete with defeat, it's not here to debate Test your skills if you will don't let us trouble your fate We're the almighty JVC Force the boss, we're so great Strong Island [Verse 3] Knocking out crews by the threes and fours Curt Cazal cut the beat while we take a short pause Like a video game, an errorless computer The styles profile, it's wild, improve to groove you Move you and soothe your every emotion Just put your trust in us and have devotion The voices on the set is your magic potion You'll rock to this like a ship that's in motion Other emcees take the Goldtone and panic Then sink the ship like it was the Titanic Billy Taylor known to rock the mic right Excelling through the air like the Concorde in flight I could chill to the max or hold my place like a kite But either way on any day I'm guaranteed to excite you Here's a preview of our latest debut What's coming next, don't try to answer cause you ain't got a clue You could bite (but it's not wise) all I'll do is sue At your expense me and B'll gain a million or two I chill with Riunite play the corner with brews Eat the flyest seafoods at restaurants that's new Roll down the windows in the limo while I'm cruising the deuce Point out a girl, diss her man then take her in for seduce Playing the field serving no kind of use Lingering on for the funky funky rhymes I produce Jerry Woodson's my name AKA AJ Just shut your mouth, in this situation you ain't got say Strong Island [Verse 4] You say wild boy I'm the cowboy so make my day Like Jesse James, self-proclaimed, me and A don't play Potent like a dime not a five or a tre You're commercial, I'm imported, under me you will stay On all things I pull strings, you're the board I'm the dart In the grocery store, I'm the food, you're the cart You're just my servant permanently designed for my needs You're a mutt and I'm a fighter classified as full breed How do you spell relief I spell it J-V-C To break it down even further B-E-E-L-U-V If you don't understand M-E you will S-double-E I am a R-A-P-P-E-R, a real dope emcee Yo reminisce with a bliss, to my style there's a twist And for the ladies, this jam is sealed with a kiss This is live, no jive, high potent from L.I The trio made it, now you know it's got to be fly I think so and if you don't, meet us down at the bank Then hit the record store for Billboard and see how it ranks Take the lump out your throat, don't try to play like we're friends Cause all you know is that a group from Strong I did it again Don't tell your posse that you took me out cause you're a soft hot rock The fact to be do is that you're on my jock Don't try to play you didn't know that I knew I had to renovate my thing for duck suckers like you We all know how the story goes Time after time your jealousy's shown You're burning up inside but the Force don't care Signing off is A and B we're outta here like Belvedere Strong Island