Josef K: Sorry for Laughing | Song-Factsheet


Song «Sorry for Laughing» von Josef K.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 04 (Single), 1981 07 (Album)
Label: Crépuscule TWI 023, Postcard Records 81-7
Songwriter Paul Haigh & Malcolm Ross
Produktion: Marc François & Josef K
Genre: Postpunk, Indiepop - Janglepop


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Personen und Querverweise

Josef K
Paul Haigh
Malcolm Ross
Marc François
Josef K


It took ten years to realise Why the angels start to cry When you roll on down the lane Your happy smile, your funny name I'm not being mean, so don't take it hard When I ask you to run round the yard It's so hopeless to define Why you jump to close the blinds You know I'd help you if I could But both my arms are made of wood Just don't mean the things I say It's only 'cause you're made that way Sorry for laughing There's too much happening Sorry for laughing There's too much happening When we groove on into town Charles Atlas starts to frown 'Cause he's not made like me and you Just can't do the things we do You know it's times like these you have to pay So sorry to turn on that way