Jesse Winchester: Black Dog | Song-Factsheet


Song «Black Dog» von Jesse Winchester.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1970 (Album)
Label: Ampex A 10104, Bearsville Records BEA 25.500
Songwriter Jesse Winchester
Produktion: Robbie Robertson
Genre: Rock - Folkrock


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Personen und Querverweise

Jesse Winchester
Jesse Winchester
Robbie Robertson


Black dog up and sniffed his plate A steaming on the stove The kids ain't seed you home all day You're a gentleman born to rove Black dog don't believe in sin Think of where the black dog's been Think of where he's been today Have you seen the black dog's teeth Sharp, like a knife Have you seen them tear upon a throat To take a life CHORUS Have you seen black dog's eyes Starin' at the fire It would not occur to him To question your desire CHORUS I've always had a fear of creatures Cryin' in the dark And every form of evil Seems to bear an evil mark CHORUS My woman lays beside me And my black dog at my feet She keeps me from my wandering life And he robs me of my sleep CHORUS I don't know the black dog's name When I call him, he don't come How'd I get this black dog Lord I never wanted one