Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky (feat.): A Dear John Letter | Song-Factsheet


Song «A Dear John Letter» von Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky (feat.).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1953 06 (Single), 1953 05 19 (Rec.)
Label: Capitol F 2502
Songwriter Bill Burton & Fuzzy Owen & Lewis Talley
Genre: Country - Honkytonk


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Personen und Querverweise

Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky (feat.)
Bill Burton
Fuzzy Owen
Lewis Talley


Dear John oh how I hate to write dear John I must let you know tonight That my love for you has died away like grass upon the lawn And tonight I wed another, dear John I was overseas in battle when the postman came to me And he handed me a letter and I was just as happy as I could be For the fighting was all over and the battle have been won Then I opened up the letter and it's started dear John Dear John oh how I hate to write... Will you please send back my picture my husband wants it now When I tell you who I'm wedding you won't care dear anyhow Now the ceremony has started and I wed your brother Don Would you wishes happiness forever, dear John