Greg Lake: It Hurts | Song-Factsheet


Song «It Hurts» von Greg Lake.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 09 25 (Album), 1981 (Single D)
Label: Chrysalis CHR 1357, Chrysalis 104 035
Songwriter Greg Lake
Produktion: Alex Grobb & Greg Lake
Genre: Rock - AOR-Rock - AOR-Progrock


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Personen und Querverweise

Greg Lake
Greg Lake
Alex Grobb
Greg Lake


[Verse 1] There's no reason for you to love me After all of the heartaches we've been through But I love you, I just can't help it You're so beautiful, what else can I do? You say you didn't make me love you And you tell me that you're not to blame But it still hurts me the same Baby, love is not a game [Chorus] 'Cause it hurts, oh It hurts, yeah [Verse 2] I can't stand it, but I can't leave you Either way I'm a loser in the end I can't shake it, I just can't free you It is no use me trying to pretend If I didn't rеally love you Then maybe I could lеt you go But as sure as the fall winds blow I just can't help but love you so [Chorus] And it hurts, oh It hurts, yeah [Bridge] Do you know that love can actually hurt you Enough to make you die? And if your baby says she's going to desert you What you gonna do? You're sure gonna have the blues tonight [Guitar Solo] [Verse 3] I can't help it, I've been so lonely Life without you is nothing but a drag There's no other, you're my one and only I would love you in riches or in rags If I knew you didn't love me I could turn my back and walk away It's so easy to say But it's so hard to find a way [Chorus] 'Cause it hurts, oh It hurts, yeah Oh, it hurts [Guitar Solo]