Grace Jones: Walking In The Rain | Song-Factsheet


Song «Walking In The Rain» von Grace Jones.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 05 11 (Album), 1981 10 (Single)
Label: Island ILPS 9624, Island WIP 6739
Songwriter Harry Vanda & George Young
Produktion: Chris Blackwell & Alex Sadkin
Genre: Postpunk - Postdisco


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Personen und Querverweise

Grace Jones
Harry Vanda
George Young
Chris Blackwell
Alex Sadkin


[Verse 1] Walking down the street Kicking cans Looking at the billboards Oh so rad Summing up the people Checking out the race Doing what I'm doing Feeling out of place [Hook] Walking, walking In the rain [Verse 2] Feeling like a woman Looking like a man Sounding like a no-no Making what I can Whistling in the darkness Shining in the night Coming to conclusions Right is night is tight [Hook] Walking, walking In the rain [Verse 3] Come in all you jesters Enter all you fools Sit down no-no's Vulgar fools Trip the light fantastic Dance the swivel hips Coming to conclusions Button up your lips [Hook] Walking, walking In the rain Walking, walking In the rain