Gotye: Easy Way Out | Song-Factsheet


Song «Easy Way Out» von Gotye.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2011 08 19 (Album), 2011 11 03 (Single)
Label: Eleven: A Music Company ELEVENCDD 101, Universal
Songwriter Wally De Backer
Produktion: Wally De Backer
Genre: Electropop - Altpop


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Personen und Querverweise

Wally De Backer
Wally De Backer


[Verse 1] Seventeen seconds and I'm over it Ready for the disconnect Putting on a brave face Trying not to listen To the voices in the back of my head [Pre-Chorus] But it's alright now (It's a distant memory, baby) Alright now (You know you should just let it go) Some feelings have a habit of persisting Even though you wouldn't let it show [Chorus] Wearing me out (All this) Hanging around (It just starts) Getting me down (Till I'm just) Looking for an easy way out [Verse 2] Brain-dead from boredom I'm led to distraction Scratching the surface of life Nothing really happens But it's easy to keep busy When you tell yourself you're traveling right [Pre-Chorus] But it's alright now (Was it really worth it, baby?) Alright now (Was it just a waste of time?) Keep on second-guessing Use my memory like a weapon on everything I try [Chorus] x2