Glenn Miller And His Orchestra: The Woodpecker Song | Song-Factsheet


Song «The Woodpecker Song» von Glenn Miller And His Orchestra.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1940 02 (Single), 1940 01 29 (Rec.)
Label: Bluebird B 10598
Songwriter Harold Adamson & Eldo Di Lazzaro
Genre: Traditionalpop - Orchestralpop - Vocalist


Das italienische Original hiess Reginella campagnola gesungen von Aldo Masseglia von 1938.

Personen und Querverweise

Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
Harold Adamson
Eldo Di Lazzaro


[A] Instrumental 2x] [Interlude] [A] He's up each morning, bright and early, To wake up all the neighborhood, To bring to every boy and girlie His happy serenade on wood. [B] Hear him pickin' out a melody; Peck, peck, peckin' at the same old tree. He's as happy as a bumble bee, All day long. [A] Come on and try his rhythm, And let your hearts beat with him. And when you hear that tick-a-tick-tick, tick-a-tick-tick, Sing right along. [A] To serenade your lady, Just find a tree that's shady, Just listen to that tick-a-tick-tick, tick-a-tick-tick; Happy little woodpecker song. [A Instrumental 2x]