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Freddie Gibbs: Cocaine Parties In L.A. | Song-Factsheet


Song «Cocaine Parties In L.A.» von Freddie Gibbs.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2016 01 27 (Digital)
Label: Selbstrelease (Soundcloud)
Genre: Hip-Hop - Poprap


Ein Answersong zu Kanye Wests: No More Parties In L.A..

Personen und Querverweise

Freddie Gibbs


[Hook : Freddie Gibbs] Cocaine Parties In L.A I'm Juggin' at some Cocaine Parties In L.A Yeah Cocaine Parties In L.A Threw My Set Up At Some Mo' Gang Parties In L.A (Gangsta Gibbs) [Bridge] Do It Uhhh I Do It Bitch I Do It (x2) Yea [Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs] Hey Killa You forgot your soda dawg My mama kitchen stankin' From the last order dawg So many cocaine transactions I don't recall Was Lit Tell The Judge and The Preacher Presiding Over Ya'll Fuck The Police protocol We Choppin' Loads Up In The Crib No Heat by the stove My toes froze up Niggas like to fuck up their Re-up money Get rolled up Bullet holed-up Ran off on the plug once (Once Nigga) ????????? Bitches at the Ritz Carlton I was dumb hype I dropped the chicken Then remixed it Was dumb white Fuck her pretty face And that pussy Hoe what your funds like Fucked her in some $5000 shoes I punch right Allergic to these Weak assholes Nigga gesundheit Miss my harlem bitch Buss that pussy open In one night But last time I was Out in New York I got in a gunfight Lowbiz to the showbiz I kick rap burnin Like kermit sippin on Hoe tears Million dollar world tour A nigga with no spins Everyday I got a new cousin Nigga we no Kin And all this internet shit Fucked up the era That bitch ain't been the same Since Ye' dropped her off At the airport They only gave us 28 days So make it last The black delegation Would like to trade Stacey Dash For a Adele, Margot Robbie Let's Get It Poppin' We On, Fuck It For an even trade We'll throw in a Raven Symone Filthy Jet Black nigga Backstage full of white bitches No I don't sell like Macklemore But I've got White Privilege Try not to sell crack no more Trynna stay out the prison That heron shit I'll get your ass A gas price sentence That snitchin' shit Will get your family And your wife missin' Play position These niggas friendly As a box of puppies I drop big nuts On this game They holdin' chicken nuggets My backwood rollin' is dirty You smell that Seen myself on comedy central Hope they bring Chappelle back Feds listenin', all this talk About the scale back Seen india love nudes A nigga trying to nail that A couple weeks i'm in Toronto I'ma see all my bitches But all my niggas can't cross the border For that all star shit But niggas be creepin' during the weekend Give her that all star dick I want that pussy, head, mouth Ass, and all that shit [Ending : Freddie Gibbs] Cocaine Parties In L.A Throw Ya' Set Up At Some More Gang Parties In L.A I Know Some Neighborhood Pirus Who sell yay I know homies With them pound 6 - o's (R60) and 8 Trays Shoutout to my mexican partner Forgot about em When he come across the border We throwin' a powder party