Frankie Lymon: I Promise To Remember | Song-Factsheet


Song «I Promise To Remember» von Frankie Lymon.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1956 06 (Single), 1956 10 (Album)
Label: Gee GG 1018, Gee GLP 701
Songwriter Jimmy Castor & Jimmy Smith
Produktion: Jimmy Castor & Jimmy Smith
Genre: Afroamericana - Rhythm'n'Blues - Doo-Wop


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Personen und Querverweise

Frankie Lymon
Jimmy Castor
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Castor
Jimmy Smith


Oh, oh I promise to love you No matter what you do I want you, I need you I love you through and through Oh, oh, oh, oh I promise to be true [Chorus] I promise to remember The meaning of romance If I've done something wrong Give me one more chance Oh, oh, oh, oh I promise to be true [verse 1] Oh, oh, my darling I have promised To give you my heart Oh, darling promise me We will never part I know I'm not a king And I'm not very wise But something that you must realize