Fifty Foot Hose: If Not This Time | Song-Factsheet


Song «If Not This Time» von Fifty Foot Hose.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1968 (Album)
Label: Limelight LS 86062
Songwriter David Blossom
Produktion: Dan Healy
Genre: Rock - Folkrock - Psychedelicfolkrock, Rock - Neo-Americana - Acidrock


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Personen und Querverweise

Fifty Foot Hose
David Blossom
Dan Healy


[Verse 1] Since time forgot To turn the lock And let me enter My soul is deft And trained in theft So I will slither Under, through, around the cracks Tiny seams, no door locks [Refrain] If not this time Maybe the next [Verse 2] Since light neglected To be reflected And let me see My soul has glasses Perceives the passes That should wither Piercing through, around the haze Pillared clouds drift away [Refrain] If not this time Maybe the next [Instrumental] [Verse 3] Since love's rejection Destroyed perception And left me free My soul eroded My brain imploded Down to cinders Growing new senses to feel Seeing, hearing all that is real [Refrain/Outro] If not this time Maybe never...