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Fiddlin' John Carson: Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane | Song-Factsheet


Song «Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane» von Fiddlin' John Carson.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1927 (Single), 1927 08 (Rec.), 1871 (Werk)
Label: OKeh 4890
Songwriter Will S. Hays
Produktion: Ralph Peer
Genre: Americana - Country - Fiddling


Erste Country Veröffentlichung (allerdings nicht die früheste Aufnahme). Flipside: That Old Hen Cackled and The Rooster's Goin' To Crow.

Personen und Querverweise

Fiddlin' John Carson
Will S. Hays
Ralph Peer


Oh I'm gettin' old and feeble and I cannot work no more The children no more gather 'round my door And old masters and old mrs they are sleepin' side by side Near the little old log cabin in the lane Oh the chimney's fallen down and the roof's all caved in Lettin' in the sunshine and the rain And the only friend I've got now is that good old dog of mine And the little old log cabin in the lane Oh the trees have all growed up that lead around the hill The fences have all gone to decay And the creeks have all dried up where we used to go to mill And things have changed their course another way Oh I ain't got long to stay here what little time I've got I want to rest content while I remain 'Til death shall call this dog and me to find a better home And a little old log cabin in the lane