Family: Me My Friend | Song-Factsheet


Song «Me My Friend» von Family.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1968 06 (LP), 1968 07 05 (Single)
Label: Reprise, Reprise 44 057 (LP)
Songwriter Roger Chapman & John Whitney
Produktion: Dave Mason & Jimmy Miller
Genre: Rock - Progrock - Psychedelicprog


Kam nur im UK als Single heraus.

Personen und Querverweise

Roger Chapman
John Whitney
Dave Mason
Jimmy Miller


Me my friend, I have seen many lands, me my friend I have been far and wide I have sailed many a tide I have rolled many a ride But I wish, me my friend, I could sail to the stars Have the gift to transport my whole being, my whole thought To a world of dreams, my friend Me my friend, I have loved many girls, me my friend I have told many lies I have asked many whys I have whispered many sighs But I wish, me my friend, I could have till the end Someone to love and hold Through the warmth and the cold Of my lonely years, my friend