Emmylou Harris: Barbara Allen | Song-Factsheet


Song «Barbara Allen» von Emmylou Harris.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2001 01 23 (Album)
Label: Vanguard 79586
Songwriter Traditional
Produktion: David Mansfield
Genre: Country - Americana-Revival


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Personen und Querverweise

Emmylou Harris
David Mansfield


'Twas in the merry month of May When all gay flowers were bloomin' Sweet William on his death-bed lay For the love of Barbara Allen He sent his servant to the town To the place where she was dwelling Said, "You must come to my master's house If your name be Barbara Allen." So slowly, slowly she gets up And to his bedside going She drew the curtains to one side And says, "Young man, you're a-dying." "I know, I'm sick and very sick And sorrow dwells within me No better, no better I never will be 'Til I have Barbara Allen." "Don't you remember last Saturday night When I was at the tavern You gave your drinks to the ladies all But you slighted Barbara Allen?" He reached up his pale white hands Intending for to touch her She turned away from his bedside And says, "Young man I won't have you." He turned his cheek into the wall And bursted out a crying "Adieu to thee, adieu to all And adieu to Barbara Allen." She had not more than reached the town She heard the death bells ringing And as they rung they seemed to say "Hard-hearted Barbara Allen." "Oh Mother, oh mother go make my bed Make it both long and narrow Sweet William died for me today I'll die for him tomorrow." Sweet William was buried in the old churchyard You might also like Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby Emmylou Harris Maroon Taylor Swift Anti-Hero Taylor Swift And Barbara there laid nigh him And out of his grave grew a red, red rose And out of hers, a briar They grew and grew to the old church gate Where they could grow no higher And there they tied in a true love's knot The rose wrapped 'round the briar