Emerson, Lake And Palmer: For You | Song-Factsheet


Song «For You» von Emerson, Lake And Palmer.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1978 11 18 (Album)
Label: Atlantic SD 19211
Songwriter Greg Lake & Peter Sinfield
Produktion: Emerson, Lake And Palmer
Genre: Rock - Corporate-Rock - Progressiverock


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Personen und Querverweise

Emerson, Lake And Palmer
Greg Lake
Peter Sinfield
Emerson, Lake And Palmer


For you and I There never was a way to say goodbye The nights of love We loved so hard we shook the stars above Ooh, such a love Expecting so much, as we touched That each the other led to the fire Was it the words left unspoken Scared for my heart, she's been broken That in the ice of a moment You closed the doors on our love Now for you and for me Lies branded on our hearts the memory Just a glance and a smile A looking back and knowing all the while Ooh, it was love As close as it'll ever come, it's not a crime For two lonely people to try To find some love in the madness Of this world full of sadness And though we woke in the ashes Just for a while we had dreamed I gave you all I could give It was for you that I lived Why did you do what you did And close the door of my heart Next time you fall in love You'd better tell the truth Next time you fall in love Don't do it just for you For you, for you, for you For you, for you, for you For you For you, for you, for you For you, for you, for you