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Donnie Brooks: Mission Bell | Song-Factsheet


Song «Mission Bell» von Donnie Brooks.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1960 05 09 (Single)
Label: Era Records 3018
Songwriter Jesse Hodges & William Michael
Genre: Pop - Teenpop


Diese Song muss noch annotiert werden.

Personen und Querverweise

Donnie Brooks
Jesse Hodges
William Michael


My love is higher than a mission bell (How deep) Deeper than wishin' well (How strong) Stronger than a magic spell My love (Uh huh) for you It's wider than the widest sea (How long) Longer than a memory (How sweet) Sweeter than a honey tree My love (Uh huh), oh, oh, oh (Uh huh) My love (Uh huh), mm, mm, mm (Uh huh) for you Give me your heart of gold Your heavenly magic touch To cherish, have, and hold I need your love so much (Say that you love me) (Say those pretty words and I will give my love to you) My love is warmer than a day in spring (How bright) Brighter than a diamond ring (How brave) Braver than a mighty king My love (Uh huh) for you It's taller than the tallest tree (How soft) Softer than a summer breeze All I ask you, please Give (Uh huh) your love (Uh huh) Your love (Uh huh), sweet love (Uh huh) to me (How high) higher than a mission bell (How deep) deeper than a wishin' well (How strong) stronger than a magic spell (How wide)