Debbie Deb: When I Hear Music [12'' Mix] | Song-Factsheet


Song «When I Hear Music [12'' Mix]» von Debbie Deb.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1983 (Single), 1995 (Album)
Label: Jam Packed JBXD 003, Pandisc PD 8864
Songwriter Debbie Deb & Pretty Tony
Produktion: Butler
Genre: Latin - Freestyle


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Personen und Querverweise

Debbie Deb
Debbie Deb
Pretty Tony


Chorus: When I hear music, it makes me dance You got the music, heres my chance Repeat (1x) Went to the disco, couldn't belive my eyes I looked on the dance floor, saw so many guys I asked myself, could this really be Whether it is or not, I'm going to see Chorus The guys look really fine, they almost blew my mind They almost blew my mind The guys looked really good, just like I knew they would And I'm gonna get a man if I get a chance Here's my chance Chorus (2x) The night is still young and I'm gonna have some fun And I'm in a trance, all I want to do is dance Watch me dance Everybody's having fun, and the musics number one And the lights shining bright, theres a party here tonight Chorus It stated getting late, the night was really great When I hear music, give me a chance, heres your chance When I hear music, I wanna dance You got the music, I'm gonna dance Chorus (5x)