Connie Francis: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own | Song-Factsheet


Song «My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own» von Connie Francis.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1960 08 (Single), 1960 07 25 (Rec.)
Label: MGM K 12923
Songwriter Howard Greenfield & Jack Keller
Produktion: Roger Hawkins & Jimmy Johnson
Genre: Pop - Teenpop


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Personen und Querverweise

Connie Francis
Howard Greenfield
Jack Keller
Roger Hawkins
Jimmy Johnson


I told this heart of mine Our love could never be But then I hear your voice And something stirs inside of me Somehow I can't dismiss The memory of your kiss Guess my heart has a mind of its own No matter what I do No matter what I say No matter how I try I just can't turn the other way When I'm with someone new I always think of you Guess my heart has a mind of its own You're not in love with me So why can't I forget? I'm just your "used-to-be" It's wrong and yet I know forgetting you Would be a hopeless thing For I'm a puppet and I Just can't seem to break the string I say I'll let you go But then my heart says no Guess my heart has a mine of its own Guess my heart has a mind of its own