Clarence Ashley: The Coo Coo Bird | Song-Factsheet


Song «The Coo Coo Bird» von Clarence Ashley.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1929 (Single-B), 1952 04 19 (Ed.), 1997 08 19 (Reed.)
Label: Columbia 15489 D, Folkways FA 2951, Smithsonian Folkways Folkways FW 40090
Songwriter Traditional, T.C. Ashley
Genre: Americana - Country - Countryfolk, Americana - Folk


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Personen und Querverweise

Clarence Ashley
Traditional, T.C. Ashley


Gonna build me log cabin On a mountain so high So I can see Willie As he goes passing by Oh, the coo-coo, she’s a pretty bird She wobbles as she flies She never says coo-coo Till the fourth day July I’ve played cards in England I’ve played cards in Spain I’ll bet you ten dollars I beat you next game Jack-a-Diamonds, Jack-a-Diamonds I’ve known you from old You’ve robbed my poor pocket Of my silver and my gold My horses ain’t hungry They won’t eat your hay I’ll drive on a little further I’ll feed ‘em on my way