Charley Patton: A Spoonful Blues | Song-Factsheet


Song «A Spoonful Blues» von Charley Patton.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1929 11 (Single-B)
Label: Paramount 12869
Songwriter Charley Patton
Genre: Americana - Blues - Countryblues, Blues - Countryblues - Deltablues


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Personen und Querverweise

Charley Patton
Charley Patton


(spoken: I'm about to go to jail about this spoonful) In all a spoon', 'bout that spoon' The women goin' crazy, every day in their life 'bout a... It's all I want, in this creation is a... I go home (spoken: wanna fight!) 'bout a... Doctor's dyin' (way in Hot Springs!) just 'bout a... These women goin' crazy every day in their life 'bout a... Would you kill a man dead? (spoken: yes, I will!) just 'bout a... Oh babe, I'm a fool about my... (spoken: Don't take me long!) to get my... Hey baby, you know I need my... It's mens on Parchman1 (done lifetime) just 'bout a... Hey baby, (spoken: you know I ain't long) 'bout my... It's all I want (spoken: honey, in this creation) is a... I go to bed, get up and wanna fight 'bout a... (spoken: Look-y here, baby, would you slap me? Yes I will!) just 'bout a... Hey baby, (spoken: you know I'm a fool a-) 'bout my... Would you kill a man? (spoken: Yes I would, you know I'd kill him) just 'bout a... Most every man (spoken: that you see is) fool 'bout his... (spoken: You know baby, I need) that ol'... Hey baby, (spoken: I wanna hit the judge 'bout a) 'bout a... (spoken: Baby, you gonna quit me? Yeah honey!) just 'bout a... It's all I want, baby, this creation is a... (spoken: look-y here, baby, I'm leavin' town!) just 'bout a... Hey baby, (spoken: you know I need) that ol'... (spoken: Don't make me mad, baby!) 'cause I want my... Hey baby, I'm a fool 'bout that... (spoken: Look-y here, honey!) I need that... Most every man leaves without a... Sundays' mean (spoken: I know they are) 'bout a... Hey baby, (spoken: I'm sneakin' around here) and ain't got me no... Oh, that spoon', hey baby, you know I need my...