Carole King: Oh! Neil | Song-Factsheet


Song «Oh! Neil» von Carole King.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1960 (Single)
Label: Alpine AE 57
Songwriter Gerry Goffin & Howard Greenfield & Carole King & Neil Sedaka
Genre: Pop - Teenpop - Brillbuildingpop


Antwortsong auf Oh! Carol. Die beiden Singer-Songwriter Carole King und Neil Sedaka gingen miteinander aus als Carol zur High School ging. Carole King bestand darauf, dass es ein Mal war, Neil Sedaka meinte, eshabe länger gedauert.

Personen und Querverweise

Carole King
Gerry Goffin
Howard Greenfield
Carole King
Neil Sedaka


Oh! Neil I've loved you for so long I never dreamed You'd put me in a song I'm Carole And I live in Tennessee I never hoped That you'd remember me Darling, when I saw you at the square dance My pulse skipped a beat My heart felt so heavy Like I had too much to eat Then you took me walkin' in the moonlight It was, oh, so sublime I had too much molasses And your lips stuck to mine Oh! Neil I'd even give up a month's supply of chewin' tobacky Just to be known as Mrs. Neil Sedaky My Grandpappy, he don't like your records He said if I play them, I will surely die Lookout, I see him comin' with his shotgun! There's nothing left to do Oh! Neil I'll surely die for you *pop* (I told that gal not to play them dad-gum Neil Sedaky records)