Buchanan And Goodman: Flying Saucer (Part 1) | Song-Factsheet


Song «Flying Saucer (Part 1)» von Buchanan And Goodman.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1956 (Single)
Label: Luniverse 101
Songwriter Bill Buchanan & Dickie Goodman
Produktion: Bill Buchanan & Dickie Goodman
Genre: Traditionalpop - Orchestralpop - Easylistening


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Personen und Querverweise

Buchanan And Goodman
Bill Buchanan
Dickie Goodman
Bill Buchanan
Dickie Goodman


We interrupt this record To bring you a special bulletin The reports of a flying saucer Hovering over the city Have been confirmed The flying saucers are real (Too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal) That was The Clatters Recording, Too Real We switch you now to our On the spot reporter downtown (Come on, baby Let's go downtown) Take it away John Cameron Cameron This is John Cameron Cameron downtown Pardon me, madam Would you tell our audience What would you do if The saucer were to land (Duck back in the alley) Thank you and now That gentleman there (What I'm gonna do Is hard to tell) And the gentleman With the guitar What would you do, sir (Just take a walk Down lonely street) Thank you We return you now... This is Drak Your outer space disc jockey With a request for earth (Earth angel, earth angel) That was The Pelicans outer Space recording, Earth I`ve just been handed a bulletin The flying saucer has just landed We switch you again downtown Here we are again We have with us Professor Sir Cedric Pentingmode Of the British Institute And the professor is approaching The saucer to see if there's Possibly any sign of life aboard Well, I'm sure something Are you there (I hear you knocking, but you can't come in) That was Laughing Lewis's record, Knocking This is John Cameron Cameron on the spot And now I believe we're About to hear the words of The first spaceman ever To land on Earth (Womp bop a loo bop a lomp bam boom) And now here are the ball scores Four to three, six to two And eight to one The impact of seeing The first spaceman has This reporter reeling (Here I go reeling Uh-oh, uh-oh...) That was The Clatters again With their big one, Uh-Oh This is John Cameron Cameron again downtown The spaceman has returned To his ship and is taking off We return you now to our studios The flying saucer has gone There is no threat of an invasion However, the flying saucers Are still around (Still around) We are not going To interrupt this record Yes, we are The flying saucer Has landed again Washington, The Secretary Of Defense has just said (Ain't that a shame) That was Skinny Dynamo's Record, That's A Shame This is John Cameron Cameron, part two Gathered around me are Several of the spacemen Tell us, have you come To conquer the world And now would you Repeat that in English (Don't want the world To have and hold) Hey, why don't you go back where you came from (Don't be angry And drive me away) We return you now to our studios Here is a news item From Washington The President has just Issued a statement to the Spacemen and we quote (You can do anything But lay off of my Blue suede shoes) That was Pa Gherkins record, Shoes We switch you again downtown This is John Cameron Cameron downtown Professor Sir Cedric of The British Institute Tell us how were The saucers able to land Well, you see.. (The motor cooled down The heat went down) That was Huckle Berry's recording The Moter Cooled Down This is John Cameron Cameron again I believe the spaceman has A final parting word (See you later, alligator) We return you now To our studios The spacemen have gone again But look to the skies The saucers will Always be there (Always be there) Goodbye, earth people