Blue Nile: Easter Parade | Song-Factsheet


Song «Easter Parade» von Blue Nile.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1984 04 30
Label: Linn LKH 1
Songwriter Robert Bell & Paul Buchanan
Produktion: Robert Bell & Paul Buchanan
Genre: Indiepop - Artpop - Sophistipop


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Personen und Querverweise

Blue Nile
Robert Bell
Paul Buchanan
Robert Bell
Paul Buchanan


The line of traffic comes to a stand still For the love King, out in the morning air I find a place I started from The wild is calling, this time I follow Easter parade In the bureau typewriter's quiet Confetti falls from every window Throwing hats up in the air A city perfect in every detail Easter parade I know you, birthday cards and silent music Paperbacks and Sunday clothes In hallways and railway stations Radio across the morning air A crowd of people everywhere And then the people, all running forward Easter parade