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Black Uhuru: Sponji Reggae | Song-Factsheet


Song «Sponji Reggae» von Black Uhuru.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 05 25 (Album), 1981 (Single)
Label: Mango MLPS 9625, Island WIP 6695
Songwriter Michael Rose
Produktion: Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
Genre: Caribbeana - Reggae - Rootsreggae


Diese Song muss noch annotiert werden.

Personen und Querverweise

Black Uhuru
Michael Rose
Sly Dunbar
Robbie Shakespeare


[Chorus] You bum right here And you bounce over there Sponji reggae I say you bum right here And you bounce over there Sponji reggae I say you rock right here And you rock over there Sponji reggae I say you pounce right here And you pounce over there Sponji reggae [Verse 1] A keep trying very hard to succeed I almost lost my reflex My bare feet was burn Then i almost lost my nerves My fingers start shaking as the Day start breaking I could a never keep it no longer I had to tell it to one another [Chorus] You bum right here… [Verse 2] Some say i am nuts zooky crazy Want i to leave the music alone They say go and look work I and i are lazy But i think for a while and Say to my self It's a time for every style [Chorus] … [Verse 3] I may not be a movie star I don't drive no fancy car I can afford only a Winchester cigar From the day i was born and Given life I and i a actor genius name it Genuine character [Chorus] …