Billy Murray: Alexander (Don't You Love Your Baby No More?) | Song-Factsheet


Song «Alexander (Don't You Love Your Baby No More?)» von Billy Murray.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1904
Label: Edison Records 8765
Genre: Traditionalpop - Varieteepop - Vaudeville


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Personen und Querverweise

Billy Murray


Look here, Alexander, I was only fooling, When I said another my heart was ruling, All the day I think of no one else but you, Honest, Alexander, won't you please believe me? It would break my heart in two, If you should leave me, Won't you take me back, babe, And I'll always be true; Never let another man make eyes at me, I'll be just as sweet as any gal can be, You can be the Boss I'll let you have your way, Alexander, won't you let me stay? Can't you see the rain and hail am fastly falling, Alexander, Don't you hear your lady love asoftly calling, Alexander, Take me to your heart again and call me honey, All I want is lovin', I don't want your money, Alexander, tell me, don't you love your baby no more? Look here, Alexander, say that you remember, You ain't done a stroke of work since last December, Who went out awashin', worked all day for you, listen, Alexander, you were keepin' cases, While I took in scrubbin', you just played the races, say, If that ain't love, babe, no gal ever loved true; I don't want to talk about the things I've done, I just want to say that you're ma only one, I'll put up a washin' sign outside the door, Alexander, take me back once more.