Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari | Song-Factsheet


Song «Surfin' Safari» von Beach Boys.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1962 06 04 (Single), 1962 10 01 (Album)
Label: Capitol 4777, Capitol T 1808
Songwriter Mike Love & Brian Wilson
Produktion: Nick Venet & Murry Wilson
Genre: Rock'n'Roll - Beat - Surfbeat


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Personen und Querverweise

Beach Boys
Mike Love
Brian Wilson
Nick Venet
Murry Wilson


[Chorus 1] Let's go surfing now Everybody's learning how Come on on safari with me (Come on on safari with me) [Verse 1] Early in the morning we'll be starting out Some honeys will be coming along We're loading up our Woody With our boards inside And heading out singing our song [Chorus 2] Come on (surfing) baby wait and see (surfing safari) Yes I'm going to (surfing) take you surfing (surfing safari) with me Come along (surfing) baby wait and see (surfing safari) Yes I'm going to (surfing) take you surfing (surfing safari)with me [Chorus 1] [Verse 2] At Huntington and Malibu They're shooting the pier At Rincon they're walking the nose We're going on safari to the islands this year So if you're coming get ready to go [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] [Verse 3] They're angling in Laguna in Cerro Azul They're kicking out in Dohini too I tell you surfing's mighty wild It's getting bigger every day From Hawaii to the shores of Peru [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] [Outro] With me Surfing Safari [Repeat until fade]